Complete Solutions

A basic condition for the success of a project is its study and proper design.

Through our many years of experience we have understood that the time we spend with our clients and partners at the beginning of a project to understand all the needs, plan the details and anticipate future extensions creates a strong foundation for the successful completion of an investment.

INTEKO is able, with its experienced human resources and in cooperation with the engineers of the companies we represent, to:

  • understand the needs of the customer
  • design complete solutions
  • prepare the appropriate economic and technical offers
  • install the electromechanical equipment
  • maintain the E/M equipment as a precaution and repair
  • and to provide monitoring services during the production process by appropriate technical staff.

We are at your disposal to work with you for the study, design and implementation of your investment plan




Maintenance & Repair

Our experienced and well-trained technicians are always at the disposal of our customers to meet their needs for service and technical support.

In a short time we can meet your needs and help deal with technical problems.

We speak your language and listen to your needs.

Our technicians